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Traditional Pinewood Sauna

The Traditional Pinewood Sauna combines the power of traditional pine with warmth to target layers of fat and detoxify the body. This relaxing experience contributes to weight loss and harmoniously connects body and mind.

Traditional Pinewood Sauna

Fat Loss

The melting of layers of fat by heat


Cleansing of the body from various harmful toxins.


Connecting body & soul.



The BodyShape is your place to relax and unwind while boosting your metabolism to shed excess weight and reshape your body. Enjoy the beneficial effects that relieve pain and slow down the aging process while improving your skin's elasticity.

Fat Loss

Metabolic activation and weight reduction.


Pain relief and muscle relaxation.

Skin Care

Improved skin firmness and elasticity.

Ultra-Sonic, Intensive

Ultra-Sonic uses 40,000 Hz sound waves to effectively shrink fat cells. The gentle vibration causes an intense impact between cells, reducing their number and promoting fat loss while tightening the skin.

Ultra-Sonic, Intensive

Fat Cell Reduction

Visible fat loss with the help of ultrasonic waves

Skin tightening

Improved skin texture


The Body-Tunnel-Sauna features state-of-the-art technology to improve blood circulation and oxygen uptake. The infrared rays penetrate deep into the skin tissue and break down local accumulations of fat, while at the same time having a healing effect on various diseases.


Water Molecule Activation

Promotion of fat loss

Local Fat Loss

Targeted effect on problem areas


Curative effect on diseases


Electro-muscular stimulation is the perfect end to a treatment session, aiding weight loss and relieving joint pain. Electrostimulation improves muscle rehabilitation, reduces stress and promotes blood circulation.


Weight Loss

Supports fat loss

Pain relief

Promoting muscle health


Reducing stress and improving blood circulation

Customers rave about their experience!


Love the owner and staff!!! Everyone is extremely knowledgeable and, most importantly, make you feel so comfortable. Would recommend to anyone who is in need of not only weight loss but also looking to feel great and refreshed. With the amount of time you’re there and the technology they have, the price is beyond fair and just. So happy I found this place, I’m thrilled with my results after only 5 visits… cannot wait to see how I look and feel at the end of this awesome journey.


I have finished 10 sessions, and I have went down two sizes in my clothing. Each session leaves you feeling refreshed, the workers are very kind, they do everything to fulfill customer satisfaction. It is a great place to lose weight fast.


At Kenda weight loss center you’ll get the experience of your life time, seeing your fat melt away by sitting and laying down also detoxing at the same time. Great results, I highly recommend this not for just loosing weight but also for getting all your toxins out of your body. Here is another 5 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️





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